• Paul Slater

    Don’t eat the modem!

    • This is the best comment. This comment should be upvoted to infinity. This is what I was thinking as well. 😀

      Imagine the fees when they find out she’s destroyed the modem!

  • iaoth

    “Renting” a modem? Is this an american thing?

    • Music-chan

      a lot of internet providers in the US and Canada will “give” you a modem when you get their service but they usually include a rental fee in your monthly bill for the purpose. And you have to return the unit when you cancel your service or they charge you for it, IIRC. If the ISP is a smaller business, they’re much more up front about the process because costs are a lot tighter to keep the service cheap. The ISP I use tells you which modems you need for their services and offer to sell you one (at full price) but they’re very much aware people go to the internet for stuff like that instead.

  • Sirscribble

    Eat the sandwich and stop contemplating.

  • bob

    just be careful meanies may use your internet…

    • Mineblock5000

      Unless you have a password on it.

  • Not adult enough to have an easy way to get to the modem store, to know which store to go to, to know which modem to buy, or to make any of those choices.. but adult enough to be upset about blowing an extra 10 bucks a month on my bill

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