• Oraticus

    I do this all the time… box up the leftovers and then accidentally leave them on the table. Wait… does that mean I’m the alternate reality version of me? Is there another original me in a different thread of reality?

    IB, why do you give me these crises of identity???

    • Cyril

      I box up the leftovers and never eat them at home. I have failed you, Lord Leftovers.

      • Fasd47

        Yeah me to.

  • Sensei Le Roof

    Heh. This is just about how I am at Olive Garden. I take it as a personal challenge to finish the meal.

    Yes, the later suffering is always worth it.

  • Mark Monnin

    This is me. Except for the “I’m full” part. I’m never full. I just try to stop before I’ve overeaten. And then there’s too little left, so I have to finish.

  • Y’know I despise most people who talk about nutrition but they have a point about the big portions at restaurants. the problem is they can’t stay cost-efficient without that. We’d love to go in, spend half as much, and eat half as much.. and maybe do it twice as often. but that means their limited table space becomes a liability
    What? oh yeah, I always finish. gotta finish. waste is not okay. give it to a friend. Especially if that friend is me.

  • Tony

    If you live in a big city, take your leftovers to go. If they don’t make it home, someone will find them.