A Shirt
  • Sahaj28

    My profile pic for other stuffs is striped you jumping up and saying hooray in some comic

    And no thats no longer relevant.
    We will miss striped shirt justin R.I.P 2016

  • Sirscribble


  • Benjamin Gentzel

    But wait, the background for the site is still the vertical stripes! Is it going to change soon too!?

    • Invisiplaid bread!

      • Bill33

        Invisible Plaid?

  • Fasd47

    Justin we recognized you as the striped shirt guy. now i don’t recognize you, so i might have to find you and burn your shirt. sorry!!!

  • sam

    i like the new shirt

  • Kirby gamer

    I used to read this on gocomics (here) and I had no idea striped-shirt was webcomic Justin until I switched over here. Now he is switching shirts??