The System
  • Benjamin Kaminski

    I signed up to Disqus to say this: This comic makes my day.

    • It always makes my day too. I love the positivity in it.

  • Noclip guy

    You don’t need to lose your phone for that! Just go get that barrel you saw about a quarter mile ago. Drag it over to that short wall there and you can hop right over.

  • Sirscribble

    I reserve noclips for Monday night playing Fallout 4

    • Justin Boyd

      I almost tweeted at the actual Cambridge Polic because I kept clipping through their police station’s floor.

  • Erika Hammerschmidt

    Must have been in his super-SUPER-secret pocket.

  • Is the super secret pocket on the inside?

  • Bobberlington

    Why is it that when you gain the ability to noclip, or “no clip”, it’s called clipping through things when you pass through them?