More Finals
  • Luke Martinelli

    Take my approach, skip university and the last final you’ll ever take is at 18 (unless you started school late or were held back a year). I’ve been finals free for 13 years leaving me plenty of time to practice all of the 237 ways to mess up at life.

  • Rex Vivat

    Not taking finals is awesome.

  • infogulch

    Oh, finals are still there, just under a different name to confuse you: Quarterly Review.


    • peacemaker7777

      Oh no!

      I can’t do my scheduled 48-hour video game marathon!

  • Huh, we never had those in any of my schools.. Except one class that had up to that point just been ‘play around in dreamweaver and photoshop’ and then suddenly ‘oh hey i was supposed to have taught you all this stuff, sorry’ and then test. it was the end of the year and that school never gave any fucks.

  • Kuponut

    Finals were the best part :O It meant the Evil Homework Time was finally over.

    • Miles

      Oh man, not at my Uni, at least not in Business Research.
      We had the final exam and homework was STILL due.
      Also I am well over 30 and still taking final exams… That’s what I get for being a mature student. But I can pretend to be a professor and see what new students I can fool, and see how the actual professor takes the joke.

  • S+

    I haven’t taken a final for more than a couple of decades. WOOHOO!!! YEEHAH!!!!