Five Minutes
  • htmlguy

    At least he got the garbage into bags.

  • Pie

    My new strategy is to see how quickly I can get chores done instead of imposing a time limit on the task. This has the benefit of me completing the task, with the downside of doing a rushed job.

  • MeanieTjo

    Very similar problem here! Started with the dishes, and then realized the cupboards were all mixed up, emptied the cupboards onto the counters, and then there was a rebate, and then the mail, and then checking something on the internet, and walking back to the kitchen for a snack- OH MY GAWD WHAT HAPPENED IN THE KITCHEN?! oh yeaaaaah. cleaning.

  • Mark Monnin

    The fact that I know what I should do but then don’t do it makes me want to be a little more robotic. I need some sort of artificial motivation. Or a robotic servant. That might work better in this case :).

  • Bob

    Wait… He’s reading Invisible Bread on his phone… In and Invisible Bread comic… On the Invisible Bread website… Bread-ception