How Many?
  • Ethan

    Are you sponstered (Monster sponsored) yet?

    • Justin Boyd

      Haha, I feel like I should be at this point =)

      • Corgi

        You should literally be sponsored by Monster, Mountain Dew, and corgis everywhere

  • MeanieTjo

    Just change those to Diet Mt dew cans and it could be me! <3

    • Justin Boyd

      I have a fridge full of Diet Mt Dew at all times!

  • Jeff

    “mistakenly” in the bonus panel


    • Justin Boyd

      New words for all!

  • Actual

    Good luck.

  • Luke Martinelli

    I quit Mother just over 2 weeks ago (Monster was too grossly sweet for me), went cold turkey from 2 Litres a day and am only just starting to get over the withdrawal.

  • Oh man, i wish Costco had 24 packs of Monster, or rockstar, or even redbull. Alls we got is this redrain stuff. It’s not bad per say, but it’s not good either.

  • Mike

    Don’t be afraid of the Monsters under your bed, just the ones in your car.

    • peacemaker7777

      The puns.
      The puns are too much!

      • That Guy

        “Puns are the highest form of literature”
        -Alfred Hitchcock

  • really nice