Insert Card
  • FlickMontana

    I also suffer from this. The struggle is real!

    • Dominic Tuttle

      Every ATM and fuel pump interaction features a moment of hesitation as I ponder the exact orientation of my card in order to successfully continue with my transaction. -sigh-

  • Oraticus

    1. Fold card into origami crane (soaring or flying variants are acceptable, but not standing or pecking into water poses)
    2. Insert card right wing first (bird’s right, not your right if you’re looking at it), making sure that the magnetic strip runs parallel to the leading edge, and not perpendicular.
    3. Insert 0.87″, pivot 36.2° on the ZY axis, insert another 1.18″, roll 14° along the X-axis, then insert card the rest of the way
    4. Choose debit or credit.

  • Benjamin Gentzel

    They should just have double-sided credit cards to avoid this issue.

  • Madame Kagamine

    This is exactly why my mom hates going to get $20 for whatever reason from an ATM.

  • Jake Logan

    You should bank with Möbius. Their cards work in both directions. At the same time.

  • Scia

    I hope that particular diagram doesn’t really exist because it just plain doesn’t make sense. o_O

  • PhantomUmbreon

    My mom has no problem getting money from an atm, guess it’s just easier in Michigan.