• TriforceShard

    This helped my social skills immensely! Thanks, Justin!

  • Rolliator

    Is he playing the circle game in that last panel?

  • keinsignal

    Always. Be. Hamboning.

  • arghdos

    Oh man, his arms are doing some crazy things in that last panel

  • Alexander Gee

    Its time to check my watch in case I miss an imaginary meeting

  • Sockmo Yo

    You should be careful where you stand in that second to last panel. Constant punching may cause injuries.

  • Sockmo Yo

    Hand positions are one of those things that don’t matter until you think about it.

  • Rahat Lokum

    Wow, just opened this on my phone to download this and send and to friends – and the panels were vertical so I could read by scrolling down and it fits into my screen! I downloaded the image and the panels were the regular 3×2! What magic is this?

  • Code of Justinian

    Real Tip:
    Put you arms behind your back and hold one of your wrists. (Looks normal and kinda cool)

    Put your arms behind your back and grab the inner side of your elbow.