• Sanya V. Juutilainen

    Is he taking a shower… in clothes?

    • Justin Boyd

      Showering in the dark goes by a different set of rules.

      • Wolind Quark

        It’s for modesty of course. What if someone walked in?

  • Caoska


    Fo reals, though. I always worried this would happen, so I came PREPARED.

  • FR

    Wow, I’m thirthy-something and it never even crossed my mind to try this. Now I know what I’ll do on the weekend. Adventure time! o/

  • I showered with the power out once (nothin better to do, might as well use that time!) i busted out a glowstick and wore it around my neck. it worked great!

  • TriforceShard

    Is this a comic about another guy reading the same comic, and interacting with a different guy in the comic in the comic?

    • Amber

      wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff

  • Scia

    Hey, the washing machine won’t work without power. Might as well wash your clothes at the same time. =3

    Also works if both you and your clothes are very dirty and you’re just really tired. :U

    (I tend to wash in the dark when the sun’s gone down. I just like it better that way.)

  • But, the pumps…

    The shower won’t work with no power, at least not for long.

  • pride-and-parliament

    I think the fourth wall has been pulled into the fourth dimension.

  • zibodiz

    I actually always shower with my eyes closed. No real reason why, I just do… I think it’s my aversion to shampoo in my eyes. I also brush my teeth and shave in the shower, all with my eyes closed. Yeah, I’m weird. But hey, if I ever go temporarily blind, I’ll be set when it comes to bathing.

  • Critical Failure

    Not your best work. Hugs and kisses!

  • Jake Logan

    “I’m so meta, even this acronym.”

  • Mikko

    If the power’s out, HOW are you taking a shower? I thought power was needed for plumbing…