More Dishes
  • Oraticus

    C’mon, future! Why aren’t we cleaning our dishes with precisely aimed laser pulses at this point?!?

    • Justin Boyd

      Glass front dishwashers so you can see the light show!

  • Cassidy De Luca

    How is this so me .-.

  • Clarke Waldron

    By the time you hit my age (60), you will have washed a lot of dishes, a lot of times. And boy, was I fed up with it. My wife had no problem with the illogic of needing to wash the dishes before using the dishwasher; but I was going to be damned if I was going to put up with it for another twenty or forty years. So I developed a very simple method that eliminates ever having to hand-wash anything and get perfectly-clean dishes out of the dishwasher. 1) Starting with an empty sink in the morning, fill the sink with the hottest possible water and dish-washing liquid. Also fill a 32-ounce or larger soda cup with the same. Never mind that the suds go away after a while; big news, bubbles don’t do the cleaning. 2) As soon as you are done with a dish, plate, etc., put it in the sink. If it’s a knife, fork, or spoon, put it handle-up in the cup. Do this consistently all day. 3) Just before you go to bed, simply move the dishes and utensils into the dishwasher. Use Finish Quantum packets and Finish blue fluid in the drying fluid chamber. 4) Run the dishwasher. Ignore that it may not be full; if you wait until it’s full, you’ll always run behind on what dishes, etc. that you need daily. In this way, I spend at the most fifteen minutes in the entire day dealing with the dishes and they always come out sparkling clean; the dishwasher too. Yeah, Finish is expensive but the bargain brands leave a crappy build-up that just gets worse over time. (Never thought that I’d ever say that.)

  • dylaxius

    143 washes later:
    Clean enough!