• Dominic Tuttle

    Financial aid entirely covered my books and tuition for my first two semesters of college….and then I earned just slightly too much at my part time job and didn’t qualify for any financial aid for my third semester and suddenly had to live on instant noodles and PBJ tortillas for 3 months.

    • Justin Boyd

      You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a PBJ tortilla.

      • Ryan

        They are actually pretty good.

        • That Person

          i had one just now.

          • Crique

            I made ramen fancy by adding random other foods to it….success was hit or miss

      • Tsalikon

        Have you ever tried Peanut Butter on uncooked Ramen? Not as bad as it sounds…

  • Ryan

    Turns out they do make caffeinated syrup

    Hmmm it couldn’t hurt to use it just once….. or twice…..or more. Right?