• pikscast

    So there’s 10 minutes in each can? (Bonus Panel)

    • Fasd47

      Wow he burns through those fast.

  • Dominic Tuttle

    And that was me for about 3 years of university assignments…I had a sea of empty energy drink cans covering the left side of my desk.

    Also, is it bad that my first inclination was to paste in a picture of the canned meat?

  • Caoska

    My wife and I did this Saturday to finish a “season” of Naruto. It didn’t work out so well…haha.

  • Meganought

    This needs to be made into a animated gif. It’s to awsome not to.

  • Myy

    Yeah. My parents took all my Monsters and flushed them down the toilet, and took my money so I couldn’t buy anymore. So now I just stick to coffee mixed with Red Bull.