Push The Button
  • Oraticus

    Now he’s got confetti in his beard… that’s one fancy beard!

  • Lauren Brown

    I love the last panel, where it dawns on green shirt, he’s made a mistake in trusting blue shirt.

    • pikscast

      This isn’t just any green shirt, this is beard guy.

      • Justin Boyd

        It really felt like Green needed to have a beard. Someone with a beard always has a plan. The plan being, more often than not, to maintain a sweet beard.

        • pikscast

          I hope we see more from beard guy in future comics.

          • That Person

            Say Justin are you from portland or around there? Because your characters fashion choices are pretty portland-hipster-ey.

          • Henry

            i live in portland so i hope

  • Mineblock5000

    I like Green’s blank face at the end!

  • HardBoiled

    This is my life. I’m like, “hey don’t do” and they’re like “ok” and they do
    Also last panel is my new profile picture for everything ever