• Xela

    I can feel them searching my soul. *shiver*

  • burrito guy's eyes

    Burrito guy strikes again.

  • Oraticus

    Those are obviously prescription sunglasses due to the congenital pupil dilation deformity he has. Otherwise, all the sunlight that his pupils let in would nuke his retina to a bacon-like crisp with an unfiltered, unrestricted flood of broad spectrum radiation.

    • SCIENCE!!!

      because thats SCIENCE!

  • arghdos

    The ad networks are attacking again :!

    • I finally had a chance to attack them back and the evil one is dead!

      • arghdos


  • ransom

    Noone knows what is like
    To be the bad man,
    To be the sad man,
    Behind blue eyes…

  • Xxx_Bloody_Rekt_xxX

    this how i feel with neo from the matrix. he looks so kind and normal without the trenchcoat and sunglasses, but as soon as he puts those on, he looks super cool and shady and deadly. he especially doesnt look deadly as ted in bill and ted's excellent adventure.

  • Xxx_Bloody_Rekt_xxX

    seriously. the burrito guy = neo.

  • destructivekilljoy

    is that the chick from Naruto????????

  • Xxx_Bloody_Rekt_xxX

    why do people accually read naruto? its trash.