Home Again
  • Laugeo

    It does always feel good to not be breaker of the computer. It doesn't feel good though to be the fixer.

    • Oraticus

      Depends… it feels pretty friggin' good to be the fixer when it's a crazy minutiae issue and you successfully diagnose/solve said issue. You can feel your hacker job class leveling up from all the experiences you just gained.

      Now, where should I spend those skill points?

  • whalesharker

    Oh no! I have this problem!

  • OhHaiMe

    I used to have a similar problem.It turned out it was just that my Linksys router was crap and replacing it fixed the problem.

  • Spock

    The worst part is when the internet is down (as a Real Problem™) and you can't look up what to do about it because the internet is down.

  • Robert

    I was so waiting for him to look back, notice that it was cable, and say 'Well, there's the problem.'
    I have seen it so very many times. The IP address thing is interesting, and a different issue. Hope that got fixed!

  • ayy

    Check the DHCP lease time

  • Have you checked her internet cables? Sometimes my Mum forgets to put enough cats in her cables.
    I'm like "Yo, it says cat5 on the cable for ****s sake! HOW HARD IS IT TO COUNT TO 5?!" and then she runs away crying about how she doesnt understand computers and the future is scary or something idk fml.

    • Mike

      Cable Cats, upvote for John, awesome!

  • Zeet

    netsh int ip reset

  • sheetman

    had htis problem before. It was because of a shitty cable modem.

  • Scia

    Some routers will have parental controls or some other kind of schedule you can use to control when you can access the Internet. Some of these routers have clocks that run slow and will continuously get slower. Speaking from experience here.

    (Some of them also have the dumbest rules for how a schedule works. They might not understand a concept of of blocking from 11 PM to 6 AM and tells you ‘you can’t stop blocking before you start.’ =P)