Air Drums
  • I can relate

  • _______

    Never tried normal druming before……

    • I am _______

      But I prefer air guitar

    • Kirby gamer

      I did that once, but I still prefer air drums.

  • arghdos

    I kind of thought his arms flew off in that second to last panel there

  • Morgan

    I wonder how much air drum lessons cost…

    • _________

      Don't worry it's FREE!!

  • Mike

    At least the equipment cost is very reasonable.

  • morrishunt

    Dude, I play air bass, and I have a friend who is an *amazing* air guitarist. We should start a band!

    • _______

      When is your first gig?

    • Visible Toast

      Do you guys have an air singer? Wait, that doesn't make any sense… Why don't you just like actually sing instead of air singing.. But that would mess up the air vibe, so I guess air singing is reasonable..

      • Kirby gamer

        :O<(—-) -Air singing!

  • Shoichimen Izumi

    Kek reminds me of when i used to listen to through the fire and the flames, and air guitared…….

  • ______

    People should air instrument every day,every week,every month,all year

  • []{}#%^*+=_\|~<>


  • Visible Toast

    On the third panel he just suddenly grew hobbit feet. Lol..

  • Tyler