Ice Cream
  • Oraticus

    Happy belated B-day, IB! Time to celebrate with cake and ice cream… a whole gallon of ice cream!

  • SIrscribble

    I've had this experience before..But with 2 funnel cakes..

  • amnizzle

    Volume 3 ?! O_o ooooooo

  • Actual

    Panel six the exclamation point's point makes a creepy looking eye.
    Anyone else see it?

    • Belvedere

      Haha I see that! Pretty scary actually It's like: o-O ..Sort of. I think that worked better in my head.

  • huffn

    My copy of vol. 3 arrived two days ago. I was lucky and saw a tweet of yours talking about it being on sale. Read it all in one sitting!

  • Laugeo

    I can't tell if it's my phone or the site but the mobile now shows the comic in a vertical scroll style instead of the normal horizontal style.

    • Wuut

      Same here. Did you change it purposely or is it a glitch?

      • Laugeo

        I think it's a glitch. I didn't touch any settings.

        • Wuut

          I was asking Justin

      • I changed the mobile site around to be hopefully a lot better for reading on a phone. So instead of having to zoom in all the time to read comics, you can just scroll downward and read them panel by panel that way!

        • Laugeo

          I never had to zoom in to read the comic. I personally don't like the new format but I'll try to adjust.

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  • sy kim

    I can eat a whole watermelon in 1 sitting!

  • doyyyyy

    it sucks i don’t have the book