Ok Smile
  • The Kid In The Comic

    Every. Single. Time.

  • Oraticus

    Alternate last panel…

    Dad: "Perfect! Your grandma, the world-renowned leader in dental hygiene, will be so proud of your achievement of the first successful grafting of lab-rat-grown-enamel to the surface of human teeth."

  • TriforceShard

    Me during every picture taken of me. Ever.

  • The years when I had my braces were full of some rough smilin'

    • Erwin Schrödinger

      Okay son…why don't you just turn around…

  • καtrmr

    Strange. No one batted an eye when I did that grin. Lots of awkward photos.

  • Elliot Sicheri

    i liked the second one better

    • Elliot Sicheri

      third, sorry