What To Do
  • bread

    bread of dog?

    • Well he is crazy, so maybe he says "bread" instead of "breed".

      • Haha, I've been brainwashed by my own site. I'll fix that at some point today.

        • Bread dog has been fixed!

          • crazyhead42

            Aww. Was hoping for an invisible dog.

          • Justin, i am very disappointed, you should've kept it, or kept another version of it.. im sorry man..

        • I kinda like the breads instead of breeds. Even the breeds wont mind the breads. Lol

    • _______

      No breed i saw
      With my eyeballs

  • Madison

    Hello Justin! Long time reader, first time commenter here! Since we're on the topic of Corgis and their greatness, I need some advice. You say that your comic is "Wendell approved." I have two corgis of my own. How did you get Wendell to approve? I can't get mine to approve of anything I do except provide them food. And that, they say, is too little and too infrequent. No matter what I do, it's met with either a huff or a growl. My dancing actually causes them to fight with each other. And there is NOTHING wrong with my dancing. Thanks! Oh, and thank goodness this comic situation resolved itself in the invisible panel. This maniac was really making me uncomfortable.

    • When I show Wendell comics on my phone, he usually will kinda boop the screen with his nose, thus indicating approval! Sometimes, he may lick the screen, so that means he really loves it, of course!

      And no, I do not spread peanut butter on my phone to get Wendell's approval of my comics. Not yet at least.

  • Rebecca

    The "I don't know how to react tio what this manica is saying" is glorious
    everything about it

    also pls have breakfast, bread!

    • Stan

      I like how you made two typos and pointed out a typo in the same comment.

  • Dat hidden panel, tho.

    Twilight Zone time.

  • Foomin

    No! Never agree with anyone who says Corgis are not the best. This is the one cause where all right-thinking people cannot back down. Ugh. Unacceptable! (No, my Corgis did not make me write this.)

  • tsevenhuysen

    I actually think Corgis are not great. Sorry.

    If I'm going to have a dog, I want a big dog, like a golden retriever, not a little waddle-dog. : )

    • Madison

      i…i don't know how to react to what this maniac is saying.

  • Ddd

    Theres a constant ad redirect on my phone on this site pleased remove it

    • Ddd

      I can barely type this without getting redirected

  • Kirbyman!

    Kill the beast.
    This is the only adequate response.

  • Scrutinizer

    "A totally impossible situation," huh?

    Well, at least the hidden panel made it all much more plausible.

  • neros1234

    That bonus panel is beautiful

  • well get a corgi bread (sic) for the maniac rather than drive him away with the nodding of the head.

  • The bread and breed talk show.

  • Nothing against corgis. I hate all dogs equally. Except the quieter ones, I hate them less but they're still dogs. Always have been and always will be a cat person.