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  • καtrmr
    • Kirbyman!


    • Oraticus

      Is… is that a colostomy bag hanging off his hip? Please… please don't bust a move(ment)…

  • Sirscribble


  • arghdos

    Unlimited Party Energies?

  • Kirbyman!

    Über party energies!
    Also, the mobile site is being odd. A virus site grabbed me and told me I was today's lucky visitor (three times), I got taken to the App Store for a fantasy football app, and I was randomly transported to the Name box while typing this :<

  • Oraticus

    Gotta be the Universal Party Energy® system of party energy classification.

    Now you did it… you got too close. Now we're just a giant, white butt.

  • fancypants

    My science brain just thought of it as a measurement Units of Party Energy 🙂 And it would be a log scale depending on how much D.D.R. there was 🙂

    • tsevenhuysen

      I agree with Units of Party Energy.

  • Kintrex

    I like how when their faces squish together it kind of looks a little like a butt

  • Hey Justin, can we get a shirt for the Party Consultant? You gave us Important Nasa Guy so…

  • Talbot

    That’s not a U. It’s the symbol for “micro”. The party planner just reads it as U. There’s no party taking place, so the party energy will be quite low. A full notch is equivalent to about 2 kPE.

    But 200 μPE is very impressive for an area where no party is going on, so that space has a lot of potential!