• Oraticus

    True fact: this kind of training will serve you well in many aspects of life. Knowing the proper amount of force to apply to any situation is critical when that big moment comes… that big moment when you find yourself at the mini golf course and you're teeing off on the hole where the cup is placed on a precariously small plateau or mound.

    Too little force, and you won't crest that rise… instead your ball will end up back at your feet and you'll be subject to ridicule and postulations on your lack of masculinity (if you're a guy, and playing with guys). Too much force, and you'll careen over the target, and end up in the sand/pit trap that's inundated with stagnant rainwater, 12+ seasons of untended, decomposing fallen leaves, and any number of different species of slugs. The ramifications of not being prepared are truly dire.

  • ╬║╬▒trmr

    in a similar way, I thought for a while that my whole life was a preparation for clicking the next song on Youtube every time a video happens to be deleted in a playlist.

  • Carly

    At Six Flags, they called it Dip Bowler, and you drew it most excellently, good sir!

    • Kirby gamer

      This is the first time I have ever seen a webcartoonist called ‘good sir’. or anyone, for that matter.

  • Neato

    How do we not all talk about car door closing more? Thank you for telling me I'm not the only one!

  • User100

    This "Dip Bowler" thing is apparently unique to the New World, never come across it before today. We Brits lead a sheltered life.


    I just hold onto the door as I step out.

  • Usually this isn't a problem for me, I always have enough space to get out of my car.