• jandsm5321

    Just as long as they don't get recursive!

    Good 'ole uinstall.msi

    • jandsm5321

      That list of files reminded me of the DOS days for some reason.

  • arghdos

    I have my todo file open up in notepad when I start up the computer…

    It doesn't really help 😛

  • this one hit too close to home

  • Tromse

    Just solve the problem by clicking "Yes".

  • stevil2000

    It took me over a year to cancel my gamefly like subscription. Just kept putting off that phone call.

    • I think I'm onto two years right now. I've been sitting on the God of War 3 for such a long time.

  • BeepBoopPEWPEW

    Is the test.gif a wendell gif?

  • ALWS

    Where are the video games on your to-do list?

  • RandomStalkertor

    1. Finsh those comix
    2. Eat the meat
    3. Did you forget to read the comix?
    4. Eat bacon

  • Sounds like someone needs Evernote in there life

  • Geeky

    I write my to do lists on a paper and I place it in my pocket, so whenever I subconsciously put my hand I am reminded to do the things I wrote! Or, if I completely forgot I had things to do, I would check the paper and be like, “Oh, yeah!” Then I place it back in my pocket. 🙂