Free Time
  • lexacquila

    Time Wizard is probably just bitter at being made to do all the chores for *everyone* in the world.
    "Time to do the dishes".
    "Time to take out the bins".
    "Time to clean the bathroom".

    Poor guy.

    • Znayx

      That was clever and nobody acknowledged it. I got you from 2017, buddy.

  • Well, I hope he at least pays his part of the rent, unlike those night demons.

  • Well this was a bit random ._.

  • amniz

    "The … sale thing will end … on November 2nd, 2014!"

    Wait… it's already over? 😛

    • Chris

      The Time Wizard got u too!!

  • Oraticus

    And that's what you get for entering a time share contract with a time wizard. The by-laws don't stipulate exactly how the time will be shared. Generally, when you're spending time living with a time-manipulating magician, expect the time allocation aspect of the time share to be pretty one-sided in the favor of the time wizard, and that the sharing of said "time" might not be so much a practical splitting of time allotments into convenient time blocks for independent residence in a shared abode, but more along the lines of having personal time and private time involuntarily absorbed or dissipated by the co-tenant time wizard.

    At least the free cruise to the Bahamas was nice a nice time, or it would have been if the time cruising hadn't been so artificially dang short.


  • Is the Time Wizard from the future? The EVIL future?

  • RandomStalkertor

    This is what also happens to me during vacation. Damn Father Time.