Black Friday
  • me sometimes, but it's mostly because i've been conditioned by advertising, also i work in advertising, oh no.

  • arghdos

    The ellusive vertical paneled IB!

  • lexacquila

    He got scammed there. Paid for seven 1080p TVs only to get six 1080p TVs and one 1079p TV. He'll be furious when he realises.

  • Noambhs

    Not even 4K? Pffft!

  • Laugeo

    Are any other mobile users getting a pop up Hyundai ad that causes the screen to zoom in on it when you go from comic to comic?

  • Fred

    Well, he could wait until Black Friday is over and sell most of his TVs.

  • RandomStalkertor

    I lost a finger in Black Friday sales.
    I guess I am not number #1 anymore.
    There's a joke. Look closely.

  • Yoran

    I am a random person 😛

  • Geeky

    One for the master bedroom, one for the guest room, one for the living room, one for the kitchen, one for the basement, one for the backyard, and finally one for the bathroom.