• If I had any of those games and Steam I would.

    What time do you usually eat dinner? ._.

    • TF2 is freeee! I'd like to play a different free game, but TF2 always works.

      I'll probably eat around 7pm Eastern.

      • mechman290

        hey justin do play transformers on ps3?

      • mechman290

        hey justin do *you* play transformers on ps3?

        • I play very little PS3 actually. These days, I've mostly been on the PC or every once-in-a-while, Titanfall on the Xbox One

          • ChristGuard

            What other Steam games would you like to play? I am not a big TF2 guy (More CS:GO) but I play a ton!

          • I usually don't play much multiplayer stuff anymore. I have been eyeballing Garry's Mod, Monaco and Chivalry as of late.

          • ChristGuard

            Nice! I grabbed Monaco in a humble bundle a while back, never played it though. Garry's mod has always been tempting and I have a friend who swears Chivalry is the best multiplayer game ever!

          • xXSPMCXx

            Hey Justin, Have you tried out Minecraft yet? it's 24-25 dollars, but its not on steam although you could host your own server…And it gets more awesome with mods, resource packs, adn other stuff! Also, try Spiral Knight! 🙂

          • Well there are several fun gamemodes to play on Garry's Mod. You've got Murder, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Prop Hunt, Melon Bomber, Hide and Seek, and so much more! 😀

            Garry's Mod for $9.99

  • Parco21

    Well at least the people of Invisible Bread have shiny white teeth. 😀

  • bogosortist

    If you're cool with me being an our late (I'm in the accursed PST time zone). Get back from work usually around 1730 pst.

    • bogosortist

      Ack! I meant an hour. How embarassing…

      • bogosortist

        Even more embarassing. I just realized the 16th is a saturday. Hrm… I wish I could delete this thread of message but alas I am anonymous… Sort of…

  • Youtube4lyfe

    I love G-Mod…

    Yep, those vids are really funny.

  • ivan

    Couldn’t you just get 50% female, and we could connect and iCam our junk to each other??

  • SomeDude

    I hate your stuff justin call it a life and suicide or else you’ll b under it

  • Jimmy 2

    There’s no bonus panel…