• HotSam Oht

    because thats how music math works.

  • Actual

    Who needs sleep?


      • Parco21

        An honorable thing to need.

    • Names

      Sleep is for the weak

      • pseudo

        That's spelled with 2 e's. 😉

        • Kirby gamer

          sleap is for the week?

  • Someone

    I want a shirt that says "shirt of band I'm on tour with"!!!

    • Someone Else

      Serious awesome shirt right there- I'd wear that to all the concerts

  • Chris

    Wouldn't negative C# be two and a half steps below A?

    • Here are the notes I took for this one =)

      I consider A to be the zeroth note and everything else is relative to it. Here's my breakdown with the top row indicating steps from the base note A.

      <img src="http://invisiblebread.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/steps.png&quot; />

      Haha, yah, I put some extra thought into this.

      • Chris

        Oh. I thought the white keys were wholes and the black ones halves.

        A to B = 1
        B to C = 1
        C to C# = .5

        I am very not good at music.

        • Haha, no worries, it's all good. I'm the crazy one here that has all these notes and diagrams =)

      • weegee93

        i dont know music… explain this chart to me in great detail

  • PieMan2201

    /r/invisiblebread: Now with an auto-posting bot (it has unlocked the secret transcript that lies hidden, waiting to be awoken from its deep slumber)!

  • Anarius

    What is some of the music you're referring to in both the comics and your rant?

    • My favorite band is Glass Cloud, so this comic is kinda inspired by them. The guitarist plays a 9 string with the low string tuned down to A, but the A an octave below a 7-string drop A. So, that's pretty low.

      He's a pretty amazing guitarist and also a really cool dude, so yeah, that too =)