• nunser

    The amount of detailed put in that nipples is the best work of art ever.

  • Simon B.

    Hey man! Just finish going through the entire archive of Invisible Bread and I must say : Of the (now) 22 webcomics I follow daily, yours is one of the funniest I've seen so far! Got here thanks to one of your fan that shared your comic on 9gag 🙂 Keep up the good work! (You now have french canadian fans! =) )
    Also I need to say, many comics made me feel totally related, same way of thinking! That's fun, right?! Right!
    Lastly, I'm gonna try Chivalry and join your gaming sessions! Looks like everyone liked it?
    See ya!

    • Awesome dude, glad to have you as a new reader! Welcome to the site!

  • ShaRose

    I was an archer. Twas fun. Then I had to leave because my sister called and she wouldn't take "I'm in game lay off" as an answer.

    • I have several memories of you firing arrows right into my body; why would you do that?!


  • Someone

    Wait, boys in InvisIble Bread have hair?

  • overand

    I use shampoo once every few months at most. Amazingly, once you do this, your hair stops making as much oil (after a little while), and it works out *great.*

  • Josiel

    Hey Dude, wheres that little invisible bread of this one today? I keep searching with my mouse and I cant find it … 🙁

  • Sockie

    He doesn't seem to have any hair.

    • That's creepy

      I think he used too much shampoo

  • Dylan

    they have hair now?

  • Why does this always happen. It does make your hair feel cleaner thought

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  • Cordero_Negro

    Omigosh I do this every time I get a haircut

  • Great tips. And very nice pic. Shared your post on my Fanpage