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  • A beard is just like a penis. Better a bad one than none at all.

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  • Eph

    invisible beard
    by Justin Boyd

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      Jiustn Byod

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        Justin's Body

        • ALWS

          Justin Boyd is an anagram of “study in job”… and if you think about it “in” is “inside” which means it's a “study inside job”!IT WAS MRS. WHITE IN THE STUDY WITH THE ROPE!Why the rope? Because it was an inside job, and inside ROPE is “OP”… and how much more of an inside job could it be?EPH! IT WAS YOU!

  • I'm actually the opposite–my face refuses to not grow a beard. When I did have one it was too thick and hot and itchy and I hated it. And my face won't stop growing one. I'm like a bear with all this hair. So due to that I have a "beard" because I'm trying to repress the beard. With a not-very-good razor. And bad razing skills.
    How about I get my face hair follicles surgically removed and they can be implanted into your face?

    • Rex Vivat

      If you're gonna have a "beard" anyway, why not get a hair clipper? It's faster, safer and requires less skill. I have a similar condition to yours and that's what I do.

    • καtrmr

      Rex Vivat is kinda right, except there are beard trimmers created specifically for people like you. Saves a lot of skin irritation. Does not make your face smooth though, so there's that.

      Or maybe you could just use an electric razor.

      • I actually use an electric razor. It gets so much hair clogged in it that it's wearing down.
        Huh, thought I said electric razor in my original comment, actually. Guess not.
        The word "razor" looks really weird now.

  • καtrmr

    I've had exactly that for a long time. Then I sorta grew sideburns and a hint of a moustache.
    Then, once, I've tried to shave it all off.
    Never again.
    My face looks ridiculous without hair.
    So I've stopped shaving the beard two years ago. Even wannabe beard is better than nothing.

  • myrkron

    My daughter looked at the screen and said "golf ball." No offense, she's only two years old.

    I also cannot grow a beard. I think I'm getting closer, though, even though I'm already 29.

  • Monkey

    Oh man, I have that same issue… Do you have the random gaps in your facial hair as well? Like unclean mutton chops….they look so bad if I don't keep it groomed…

  • You may have your own point of view. But today science says that beard on the face shall protects your face skin from several deceases. Have you read about it?

  • laurensmith22

    This is hilarious. A lot of guys I know have a hard time growing a great beard, I definitely have to send this to them!