Up Late
  • The night demons look kind of like Mr. Hankies.

  • Arga

    I wish I had night demons to play with. Oh and also pay the rent. That would be the best.

  • User100

    Brown Creepers.

  • Fulano

    Board Games!!!!!

  • guest guest guest

    I don't usually speak with bacon slices. Just eat them.

  • Maskedguy

    If you can't beat your demons at least learn to live with them

  • 314man

    The comic also works if it ended on the 3rd panel

    • Arga

      I love his face on the 3rd panel. It's so perfect.

  • That guy

    Is it just me, or did this one feel a lot like a DUIF?

  • Mythril

    Hate it when I end up staying up late for no reason at all. Though staying up late because I'm playing video games is not that much better, I guess! Been quite a while since I actually got up in time to eat breakfast before leaving for work…

  • Kurt

    demon bacon

  • sam

    i only just noticed that the guy’s eyes blink in the 5th panel…