• If The Proposal and The 40 Year Old Virgin had a baby, it'd probably be Horrible Bosses.

  • In olden times, I rented a VHS copy of Dr. Strangelove from Blockbuster. I much later was contacted by a collections agency wanting to collect the then standard non-return fee of somewhere around $85. I fought it tooth and nail, swore up and down I had returned it before I moved out of the dorms. Eventually they dropped it, it came off of my credit, and I never had to pay.

    Two moves later, and well out of the VHS era, I found it in with my personal tapes. I felt bad for pulling one over on Blockbuster briefly, then I remembered it was Blockbuster. They really were the worst.

  • Arga

    In the 3rd and 4th panel he's having flashbacks of all the times he could have watched it, but didn't.

  • without the description it was hard to understand the joke outside the us.

  • ThousandSunny

    ever month?