• parahelionzenith

    Hmm, at first glance, I am thinking, "Yes, I want this, so I can express my lack of gladness at their stupid posts to their faces". But then I think about how some of my posts may cause people to become angered, and then I don't want this as much any more.

  • arghdos

    I think I've read a good 90+ % of your comics Justin, and this has to be one of my absolute favorites. Red shirt's faces are just perfect, and that is probably the best bonus panel ever.

    • Yesss, awesome dude! Glad you like it =)

      And, of course, thank you very much for your continued reddit awesomeness!

      • Morgan

        Holy crap, and this whole time I thought YOU were the arghdos posting these! My mind has been blown today, thank you

        (also, excellent comic as usual)

  • Starch_Potato

    Only make setting visible to friends. "Hey friend on other side of world. Want to hang out for a bit?"

  • He doesn't like the bread because it's not Invisible (bonus panel).

  • Kintrex

    The day this feature is implemented, every single person with an internet connection will die.

    • Flakes

      If it was just a youtube feature it would be an acceptable loss

      @futureinvisiblebread no summon pls 🙁

      • User100

        Amen to that. I'd have a spiked pit next to my PC to summon YouTube commenters directly into.

  • ThousandSunny

    Heh ketchup & mustard shirts on da ketchup

  • A Geeky Chic

    I read through every one of these in 2 days, 2 DAYS!

  • Troll


  • shanawarwht

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  • shanawarwht

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  • Kirby gamer

    Bonus comic: Yeah, it’s visible.

    • Kirby gamer

      Oh, wait. Titanium Mage posted pretty much the same comment. oops