• arghdos

    Gotta have a base case indeed Justin. Your (not so inner) programmer is showing!

    • Haha, you got me =)

      • Wat

        Technically your base case is always the limit on your stack space.

  • elssar

    If he crashes and reboots, does he boot back with no phobia?

  • ALWS

    I'm phobiaphobiaphobic, so this comic is horrifying.

  • Don't Panic and find a good towel.

    • Andarb

      And don't forget your Peril Sensitive shades!

  • Whoah, have you been hacked? When I clicked on the invisible bread just now, it took me to a site saying I am browsing using Firefox and need to update my video player to the fastest version available… watch out everyone.

    • HotSam Oht

      No, I get that sometimes, it's just some stupid website for viruses, don't click download.

      • Yes, I believe my video players are already all the fastest versions available! Phew!

  • Sam

    Does arachnophobia guy's shirt magically change from green to red for anyone else?

    • Sam

      whoops, gray, I meant from gray to red.

      • Maskedguy

        no, the're three different persons:
        the arachnophobia gray shirt, the phobiaphobiac yellow guy, and the philosophical red shirt guy xD

  • Students have always thought that they know more than the teacher. This one they show by failing to follow the teachers instructions and opting to do things in their own ways. This one has resulted to students failing in their exams or assignments.

  • bob

    well i am phobiaphobiaphobaphobic so u freeze me with fear