• Oraticus

    You should share the arm rests with the people next to you. Then you could be airplane buddies. What's awkward about brushing arms with total strangers? Bonus comfort points if you're both wearing short-sleeve t-shirts!

    Also… love your packing methodology. Just toss it all in and zip it closed.

  • In case anyone's wondering…

    "LET US DO YOUR BUSINESS STUFF FOR YOU – globeco systems"

    Interestingly, there is a company called Globeco that helps in keeping the oceans clean and healthy!

    • User100

      Is that random and incredibly unsubtle spam or just a complete non-sequitor?

      • Haha, yeah, it does kinda look like that.

        It's the ad that passes behind me in panel 6 when I'm on the moving walkway.

        • User100

          I can hit PRTNSCRN as well as the next man, but does this mean you're now sponsored by the defenders of the "Pacific Trash Vortex" and are subtly touting for them, or is it just a co-incidence?

          • Total coincidence. I didn't think to double check on "globeco" before posting the comic. It was one of those tired nights for me =)

          • User100

            That makes it a surreal, meta and happy co-incidence, then! The best kind.

    • The music on that site is just… absolutely everything I could hope for from a company called Globeco.

  • i noticed, that you didnt draw a car 😉

    • Pop

      "To the airport in my imaganary car!" It must have been a looooong walk to the airport

      • The imaginary car only went about 2 blocks. The rest of the way was the moving sidewalk.

  • Flying is all about aiming for the sky and not hitting the ground.

    • I think you mean "Throwing yourself at the ground and missing." Unless you weren't making a Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference. 😉

  • Wat

    Pre-game the flight and you'll be fine. Alcohol makes flying so much less stressful.

  • tealcuttlefish

    When you do forget your charger and you are in a hotel, visit the front desk. Lots of people forget them at the hotel, and they often have several spares.

  • shubhdeep

    I didn't like or understand this.

  • A person

    Lol, Justin if that happens to you just Go like no and put 2 sticks on your seats plus just go to sleep if it doesn’t work XD

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