Come Back
  • Kirbyman!

    Yay another non-seeable wheat product comic amiright

    • I did it!

      • User100

        "non-seeable" is a bit of a stretch.

  • arghdos

    Boomerangs come back for Wendell

  • “If you hate something, throw it away. If it comes back to you, it's too needy. If it doesn't, how DARE it scorn you! Hunt that thing down to the ends of the Earth!”
    Almost fitting when adding the bonus panel.

  • andarb

    Oh the irony! My wife decided she was gonna move out (in a kind of offhand way, it's not the first time) today. I should have said "You came back last time, Invisible Bread says you're mine FOREVER muhahahah!"

    That being said, we're both kinda cracked.