Company Retreat
  • HotSam Oht

    Meanwhile…. back in 29706127439 BC

    "I have the solution to all our traveling problems! Behold, the wheel!"

    "I have a wheel!"
    "So do I!"
    "He's onto something this time!"

    • meklu

      The Earth is not thirty billions years old, it's about 4.6.

      • Zowkaii

        4.6 what? It's over 4.6 thousand but definitely not 4.6 billion.

        • Mineblock5000

          4.6 billion years.

  • arghdos

    I think if I worked at a company where the CEO wore a salmon shirt with the acronym CEO embroidered on, I would get an white shirt that had 'Peon' on it

  • Silly Me

    I spent a good moment wondering why the CEO was sunbathing on a lawn.

    • Pop

      I'm confused by that part. Why was he?

  • So replace "underwear gnomes" with "mobile strategery". Brilliant comic, btw.