The Line
  • Oraticus

    > You encounter the screaming frenetic creature.
    > Action? _Freeze in terror
    > The frenetic creature vibrates vigorously around you while screaming, then darts off in a random direction.
    > You survive the encounter!
    > Your spot is upgraded to a spot +1!
    > You are now under the effect of the unnerved debuff.
    > You receive 28 I-don't-want-that-experience points!

  • Bill33

    Hey, I know that guy! Wasn't he the one who made! ?

  • LuckyStar7


  • Kintrex

    This is my worst nightmare.

  • Torchwood

    Oh man, I hate having to ask people that. I try to stand close to the line so people don't have to ask me.
    Ah, I forgot Invisible Bread had a tumblr! I must start to reblog comics for people to enjoy the bready goodness.

  • Red Shirt AH Guy

    I absolutely had no idea that scared or unnerved them

  • ayyy

    Wow, that was really out of line.

    • Braden

      Ba-dum tish

  • Zera3

    I wonder what they were in line for?

  • John

    I have a friend who would do this. His older sister too.

    • mee

      I would do it

  • You

    Well, I'm doing this from now on thanks comic for the idea…

  • When in doubt, just ask…or not.

  • This makes evthneriyg so completely painless.

  • ______:]

    Awkward silence bum.bum.bum bum bum

  • Green bot Studios

    My favorite Invisible Bread strip!