• Nate

    Blue shirt guy just became floating head doctor!

  • robobattery


  • Sir Library Eater

    I wish I could do that, I'm behind on so many TV series…

  • youngguest

    Haha I'm totally like that when the new hobbit movies come out, but instead of taking my head off, I keep a roll of duct tape specifically for this purpose.

    • :3Epicness

      Same, expect when I was reading the Harry Potter books, my friend who had recomended them to me started telling me spoilers >.>

      • :3Epic

        (whoops!) So now I keep a roll of duct tape… with rainbow pattern!

        • Youngguest

          awesome, dude. And if they still try to keep talking after that, I get to introduce them to "sting"(my Swiss army knife) Thankfully, I haven't had to do that yet.

          • youngguest

            Oh shoot. Posted it twice. That is so trollish. Sorry guys.

  • ALWS

    What a spoiler! I have to admit that it was so amazing that they did that one thing so perfectly, though– I mean the thing was right there! Then it went KABOOSH and he was all like "ahh!" and she was like "wow"… and it led up to that thing at the end, which was so crazy! I can't wait for the next episode!

  • jmerridew124

    Spoilers are cardinal sin in my house. We even preface these conversations with "Have you seen _____ yet?"