Party Bees
  • Lani

    Aww, no bee pun for the hidden comic? 🙁

  • Carlos

    That's gotta sting.

    • andarb

      This is the punchline that SHOULD be in the invisible panel!

  • Don't worry, bee happy.

  • Anon

    The bee's knees of parties!

  • Alphonse

    I seriously wondered if his face could get any smaller… and then I clicked the hidden panel. XD Awesome.

    • yuvi3000

      So, I read all the comics from the first comic up to here and I never realised there were hidden panels until I read this comment :/
      So I went back and read all of them again and now I'm back here.
      Thank you Alphonse.
      Also, I'm an idiot.

  • The Chosen One

    Hey, wassp?
    Such an ovipositive atmosphere.
    C'mon, grab some grub.
    'swarm in here, isn't it?
    …something, something, wax something?

  • PieNinja

    What's this? An overabundance of bees in this party? My briefcase full of bees ought to put a stop to that!

  • Zera3

    One more bad pun and his face will disappear.

    • ALWS

      You should see the bonus panel!

  • Nikoru

    For once in my life
    *victory dance*

  • Neo

    I feel this is relevant:

  • Kintrex

    He has a tendency to drone on.

  • Sven
    • TCS

      I like my women how I like my coffee: Covered in bees!

      • Eddie Izzard is the best =)

        • Pop

          I can't see the hidden panel on my iPad2, justin

          • It's not right there above the "Newest" site link in the white area?

          • Pop

            Nope. Nothing there

          • Pop

            Sometimes links like those don't show up on my iPad. Can you put a link to the hidden panel instead?

          • Pop

            My screen is smaller and doesn't display as much too

          • Speaking of puns,… (P.S. let's just see how squished the replies can get.)

  • ALWS

    I can't believe this guy; you tell him to stop the bee puns, but he just drones on.


    Oh my wholesome goodness, Justin. Pretty please, take the "I can't glare any harder panel", remove the bees and the background, and put that on a t-shirt and/or a mug? I know like a hundred people a "Please stop it with the puns, I can't glare any harder" shirt would be perfect for <3

  • g0vnah

    I agree that little striped honey making insects are fun and all, but the sheer amount of them in this party is un-bee-lievable.

  • Guy in the bonus panel has Face Collapse Disorder.

  • Batteryhorse

    I keep hearing about this magical Hidden Panel… Where is it? Will it solve all my problems? Is it worth at least two bucks in cold hard cash?

    • andarb

      There's an invisible bread on the invisible bread! Try moving your cursor in the whitespace above the "newest" arrow below the comic.

    • Dylan

      no, it's worth four! also, just read the about page– (reads comment above my own) oh. Darn! un-bee-lievable!

  • Ian

    He needs to learn how to beehave.

  • Meow413

    This reminds me of Sollux and Mituna Captor from Homestuck


  • James

    In the hidden pannel you should have stated "my B" haha

    • Dylan

      what about : "that's gotta- (reads second comment) OH, YA GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!

  • Geeky

    Wow, there's so many bees that they escaped the panels

  • Madame Kagamine

    That last panel is so kawaii desu.
    I swear, there’s no other way to describe it. Other than..
    K4W411 D3SU!!!

    • Mikshana Maelevia

      Kawabee desu

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