Car Problem
  • My issue is house centipedes. Hate is a strong word, but it does not adequately convey my feelings for those nasty little things. If my husband or I spot one and it crawls under the bed or somewhere else out of sight, there can be no rest until it is found and destroyed. My coworker said he lost one in a basket of clothes once. I would have burned those clothes, and possibly the entire house.

    • Jared

      Same thing happened to me two months ago with a millipede.

      As soon as I got into bed, I noticed a black thing on my undershirt in my peripheral vision. I looked down and noticed it was a millipede. Of course, I totally freaked and launched the thing into the air in the process of what can only be described as a serious convulsion.

      Because I am me, I certainly didn't see where it landed. I tossed bed sheets, clothes, and paintings in a desperate attempt to find it. After 2 hours, I gave my nightstand a rattle. It flew off onto the carpet. This time, I saw it and whacked it with the bottom of a Kleenex box for 15 minutes until I was sure it was dead.

      Then I threw away the tissue box. Then I threw away that garbage can. Then I cut that patch out of my carpet. Then I only had 30 minutes until work.

      • Octothorpe

        Oh… that's a little bit excessive. But then again, I rather like millipedes. They're like long pill bugs. Unlike centipedes. *shudder they're like long spiders. It's like a spider X10.

      • Ahhhhhhh, both those stories! AHH!

    • That's a real shame, as "house centipedes" as they're commonly called mostly stick to the shadows, avoiding you (unless you rudely shine light on them) and they EAT all the other bugs that get into your house. If they overpopulate due to eating all your bugs and being well-fed, then they eat each other! It's a perfect system! Seriously, love 'em. Not on my face or food, but as guardians of the house? Sure!

      • bunnyrut

        yes! i call them my little pets. we moved into a house with some serious bug problems, ants, mites, fleas, etc. it was terrible. then i saw those little buggies and i searched online to find out what they were. even the exterminators said they are beneficial, and if you see a lot of them you are probably infested with something else.
        so we set out borax for the ants and kept on cleaning the carpets, and left the centipedes to do their thing. it was awesome seeing a line of ants, then seeing a centipede come along and no longer seeing the line of ants.
        throughout the course of the summer we were working together and the other pests were going away, by the end we didn't really have a problem anymore. and the next summer was pest free, and we hardly saw any centipedes after that.

    • Barb

      They won't hurt ya? I had 1 at our old house in the basement that always greeted me when I went down to do laundry. At 1st I was scared as he or she looked crazy creepy but after some research I found it will only bite if bothered so I just let him live in my basement and greet me every day? if they do sting you they have the same venom or whatever's it's called as bees so if you are allergic to bees, you'll most definitely be allergic to these guys & gals. Just leave em alone and you'll be fine. Mine greeted me for 6 years. I accidentally boiled his friend in my sink? it decided to get a drink upstairs at the same time I was doing dishes whoops.

  • Oraticus

    Well, you just solved the supply issue I've been battling with my used car lot…

    *heads into basement and rounds up spiders in a jar*

    *drives car to local shopping mall and looks for cars with slightly open windows*

  • Zera3

    Then there's that guy on Craigslist who wants to try and talk you down to $0.50 for the car.

  • Kenny

    I will offer the full $1

    • Just for full disclosure, the spider is actually 10 spiders now. When you turn on the heat or ac, they fly out of the vents in a horrific fashion.

      Still good for the $1?

      • Sir Library Eater

        So the "This did happen to me" part includes the $1 asking price?

      • Oraticus

        I think you must have misunderstood… "AC" in a Jetta doesn't stand for "air conditioning", it stands for "arachnid catapult".

      • robobattery

        omg it had babies O_O i have one living in my left side mirror.
        its also bad when you have something flying in the car … like a bee 😐

        • Henshu

          For a while wasps were climbing in through my side mirrors and making nests in the frame of the car.

  • Sven

    Way back when (mid-90s somewhere), we were driving to our holiday in France. So there we are, on a French highway, with 500km left to go, and a huge (and I do mean huge) spider walks across the rear seat, then manages to vanish.

    The rest of that drive was not particularly fun. It took about two weeks before we "trusted" the car again (because by then it was either gone or dead, since we hadn't seen it again).

    • (insert name here)

      Your car DIED???

  • I actually had a car problem today. It wouldn't start. But a pair of jump leads later and she's fine. Although I do need to get a new battery tomorrow.

  • Metasheep

    It was just hiding just out of view between the passenger side window and the weather stripping.

  • youngguest

    Hahaha! Wonder what this comic would be like from the spider's point of view!

  • youngguest

    Maybe it's the last of that race of giant spiders from the hobbit! Man, l'm laughing, and I'm just visualizing it!

  • User99

    Spiders for me live inside my wing mirrors, where they are almost impossible to evict. They only appear briefly when I first enter the car to remind me they're there, before disappearing behind the mirror. It encourages me to keep the windows closed.

  • Lija

    I hate spiders!

  • katwaterflame

    I actually had a huge panic attack while driving once. (I had only been driving for about a year at this point.) A spider crawled across my dashboard while I was on a 40mph road, and I came to a screeching halt! Put on my hazards and jumped out of the car. There happened to be a cop a block down, who saw it happen. He drove over, parked behind me, and asked what was wrong. When I calmed down long enough to explain, he got into my car, located the spider, and took it outside to a tree. He then wrote me a warning ticket for endangering other traffic, and drove behind me the whole way back to my house. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day…