• alex

    […] it could end up being really weird and scribbled on a napkin […]

    Now I'll be disappointed if it isn't on a napkin!

    • Sir Library Eater

      Will it be a napkin you've been eating invisible bread off of?

    • alex

      …but still amused :>

  • Oraticus

    Carl, I held you in such high esteam, but I coald not help but be distrackted by your awful puns. You should hold more respect for your station in life.

  • ExplosiveBubbles

    To Do: post comment on bonus panel

    • Sir Library Eater

      To do: Add comment section for bonus panel

  • You CHOOldn't make such bad jokes, Carl.

  • Actual

    The problem is that nobody ever wants to ride in the lead train because they don't want lead poisoning.

    • andarb

      It could be worse…

      It could be a lead zeppelin.

  • shanawarwht

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