The Right Music
  • User99

    I was going to post a witty comment, but I just couldn't find…

    • Dylan

      here, i'll do it for you: did anyone notice the name "Jim Curry"?

  • This was pretty much me last week, only when I found the best music I could find to listen to, the next hurdle was to find the perfect volume.
    Too loud and it's a distraction, too quiet and it makes you just want to turn it up more so you can listen to it.

  • Dan

    How can one webcomic understand me so well.

  • Bobby McBob

    This comic is music to my ears! HAHAHA do you guys get my pun?

    • Just some sound advice: audio puns don't quite strike a chord as much as other puns do.

  • Torchwood

    I usually listen to ThePianoGuys while working, and skip any vocal tracks. I find listening to instrumental music helps me concentrate, and vocals disrupt that. Also, ThePianoGuys are just incredible, and so they make great background music.

  • PieNinja

    I actually listen to a variety of music to motivate me to do work. For homework, I pump up techno/rave. For programming, I put on metal/rock. For laundry, I play Ravel's Bolero (the full version, and I try to finish putting clothes away before the song finishes). For drawing comics, I play Yes or Jethro Tull.

    Sadly, I haven't yet found any good music to listen to while working on music composition.

  • Fulano

    Jim Curry? Is that the student's name or the teacher's name?

  • Guest

    Just curious, how often do you (Justin Boyd) look at the chat zone?

    • I read every comment and reply to as many as I can! I've been really busy the past two weeks with my new job, but I'll be finding a work-comic groove soon!

    • I subscribe to the RSS for the comments on this site, so I even see comments on old comics too!

      • Guest

        Cool! Thanks!

  • Jenny

    there's a website called that stimulates the background noises of a coffee shop. it's pretty cool for people who can't work with complete silence.

  • Mia

    I use Rainymood and then get confused when I go outside and it's sunny.

  • Guest

    Thank you for showing me SimplyNoise!

    (And sorry for the short comments…)

  • weeer


  • angriestchair

    Most of the time I just put my entire ipod or spotify library on shuffle unless I'm in the mood for something specific. It usually works out and I just reshuffle or skip if I don't want to listen to whatever came on.

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