• tsevenhuysen

    Nice work restraining yourself from using restraint. Attaboy, candy guy.

  • Oraticus

    Shoot, that guy earned it. November 1st is like Black Friday for candy… you got to get there and get the good stuff while you can before it's wiped out and all you're left with is generic, undesirable crap.

    • indiscriminant eater

      Generic != undesirable 😉

  • g0vnah

    The hidden panel is gone!

    OOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOhhhHHHhhhHHH… SSSsssPPPpppOOOoooKKKkkkEEEeeeYYYyyy….

    .'“'. …
    😮 o `….'` ;
    `. O :'
    `': `.
    `:. `.
    : `. `.
    `..'`… `.
    `… `.
    “… `.

    • g0vnah

      *facepalm* Found it. Nevermind.

      • Guest

        Yeah, that white space is confusing…

    • Moldey Moulder

      *x-files theme song*

  • kanysh

    it appears i have found my soulmate *eats fistful of candy*

  • Zera3

    I'm already lined up at Wal-Mart waiting for the midnight release of 50% candy!

  • Mythril

    The candy was already on Halloween sale! I bought a bag, but no kids showed up so I'm also sitting here eating my candy by myself. :3

  • mellownade

    "I think I'll save that exercise for another time, too"

  • Sir Library Eater

    Do you have to be an adult to experience this?

  • Is anyone else having the problem of none of the hidden panels working? All it is showing me is that small blue box with a "?" in it.

    • andrewjcole

      Image isn't loading right on some of the comic pages, I'm guessing. Can you link to me a comic as an example?

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