Best Before
  • @yomansam

    More like best before 1993

    • ________

      Aw I like this song since 2007

  • Oraticus

    The answer to your question is Bill Clinton… he let the dogs out when he left the office of president. Woof, woof, Bill… woof, woof.

    • Matthew

      o Bill why did you let the dogs out?

  • Zera3

    Was hoping to see a Wendell approval there.

  • Thats my jam!! Great work

    • _________

      I no man lets let the DOGS Ouuuuuuuuut!(over reacted a bit sorry?)

  • Brem

    Luv that extra panel

  • DatMama

    So I JUST discovered your bonus panels, and now I have to go through every single comic you ever made to read all the bonus panels. I missed the outside world.

  • I thought for sure this was going to end up being about 9/11.