• a corgi and lauphs. nope my day is over, corgi pics all day. You made some funny Internets today. Thanks

  • Adz

    Dogs are for life, not just for lunch

  • Oraticus

    If it helps, I know the feeling. I was out taking Mr. Clucks, my pet chicken, for a walk one sunny summer day, and he started to get a little wobbly from being so close to the hot cement of the sidewalk. I felt bad, so I bent down to pick up my toasty poultry buddy, and said “Oh boy, aren’t you a fried chicken!”. I then looked down, and saw the most beautiful, golden-browned rotisserie bird I’ve ever seen.

    Oh, then I took him home, fried him, and ate him… small divergence from your experience there…

  • Mythril

    Oh, Edmund Finney! He's returning at last! I bought his books, he's awesome. 🙂

    • ALWS

      Yeah, it was a relief after so long a wait when he put a date for Edmund Finney's return.

  • Sir Library Eater

    Justin, are you talking to your alternate dog-eating personalities in the last panel?
    Also, does it worry you at all that you have both a corgi and alternate dog-eating personalities?

    • Sir Library Eater

      And have you considered having a separate comment section for the hidden panel, as to not reveal the secret of said hidden panel to new readers?

      • I've thought about it but I kinda like there being an alternate way for readers to find out about that panel. If you're reading the comments and all that, then you definitely should be clued in on the invisible bread =)

        I haven't eaten a dog yet, so maybe that alternate personality doesn't even exist! It's hard to tell.

        • Sir Library Eater

          Justin Boyd himself replied to my comment!
          I feel so accomplished.

  • ALWS

    The bonus panel really makes this comic,
    *puts on sunglasses*
    …to be frank.

  • Wat

    I'd eat your dog, baby.

    • Wat

      Mod me +5 Funny, please. All my throwaway accounts are out of mod points.

      • John

        downvoted for the lulz

  • MERH!

    Is it me, or is Wendell getting to be a big doggy!?

    • He's growing up so fast, you have no idea! I gotta post more real-life pics.

      • D_O_D

        Dogs=completion in life need 1 NOW!!

  • Matthew

    I finally finished reading all of these it took me so long by the time I finished there was a new one

  • ______

    I noticed that in real life not the "breadiverse" (invisible bread universe) that wendell is blond from your "running around for dinner video" but he is orangy but he still looks awesome just wondering is all???

  • defender_of_the_dogs

    Eat dogs=me killing u or calling the fuzz which…ever….comes…..f.i.r.s.t

  • Madame Kagamine

    People in dogs in other countries.

  • shanawarwht

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