• arghdos

    Wendell should be concerned… because of the lack of bananas…

  • Alphonse

    a) Wendell's awesome. He should come play with my puppy if he ever finds himself in Orlando. You could come, too. Because why not. =)

    2) Flapping your banana sounds dirty… thanks for giving me a new euphemism to confuse people with.

    iii) I'm told I'm horrible about numbering things. Don't know why.

  • Actual

    I wish my brain didn't forget how to remember things.

  • You know, maybe Wendell needs to be reminded it could be worse. You could have stuck this on him:

  • Oraticus

    Is it just me, or does it seem like that guy just slept 12 years?

    Also, I think Wendell might be a bit confused, not necessarily concerned. After all, his master has a trademark blue-striped shirt, but he got stuck with a generic black tee. I bet he's just wondering why he doesn't get some readily-identifiable Wendell-exclusive print apparel.

    • Hal

      Rip Van Redshirt

  • Sir Library Eater

    Everything he says in this comic has been said in my head in a contemptuous tone. Is he perpetually angry about the lack of his bananas flapping?

  • Rennnn

    I think this comic is my favorite ever.

  • That would make me go bananas. ._.

    • g0vnah

      Watch it… that might lead to serious monkey business.

      • Alphonse

        We're not going to turn this into a chain of bad banana-themed puns, are we? Because there's no a peel in that.

  • Trigger

    *Flaps bananas*

  • Never it's too late for bananas!

  • Lani

    There's ad on this page (just above the comments) telling me to never eat bananas or I might not lose weight. So maybe it's for the best that Red Shirt forgot bananas.

  • This was deep.