• the21st

    Hey man, I love your comics, but I have Ad blocking software installed. Can I send a donation to support you?

    • That's awesome of you to even consider doing! Thank you!

      I feel bad taking donations, which is why I've never put up a donate link. What I try to do is make merch and books and stuff that people like yourself would actually want to buy. That way, you end up with a cool thing for your money!

      I had lots of plans to make merch during the summer, but my job really got in the way. But soon, I shall be resuming my merch-making plans!

  • Jan

    Same here. I don't like ads and block them, but I would donate.

    • Bobby McBob

      There are barely any ads! you should whitelist this site.

  • Oraticus

    This excuse has a 38% of success on your average teacher (with a standard deviation of roughly 6.8%)… unless, of course, your dog is Wendell, then it’s chance at success is <1%, due to Wendell already passing the course and having filled out his Master’s thesis on it.

    Oh, and btw… You’re welcome, Justin. My eyes also give you their gratitude, and I sincerely hope you don’t suffer any physiological maladies due to your over-consumption of energy drinks to maintain this posting routine. Keep up the outstanding work!

  • Car-toe-graph

    I've disabled my adblock for this site; I don't mind ads for sites I'd love to support.

    • Much appreciated, thank you =)

      Having ads is just kind of a thing I gotta do, but I do my best to keep all the crappy ones off of the site. Sometimes a rogue ad will slip through and I feel really bad about those, but they are usually cleared up pretty quickly.

      • Dan

        Have you considered signing up for flattr? I'd probably click such a button from time to time if it existed here (and I don't have many other such buttons to click each month; they're hard to find). Not that it'd make ads unnecessary at this point; just something extra.

      • Morgan

        how about Project Wonderful? I'd much rather see ads for other webcomics than "9 tips for a smaller waistline"

        btw my adblocker is disabled for you, too 🙂

      • ROMSY

        Hmm… Now i feelix Bad about blocken aus on my Tablet (and i don't know how to Whitelist this page, because i block Thema with the Host file) I Think i gönnt buy some awesome merci of your awesome store, because YOU SIR are awesome and your Comics and Wendell gifs gives me always an awesome smile 🙂

  • Atalaya

    I was confused at first because he was doing exactly what was said in the second panel.. dogs writing poor answers was my first interpretation. Whoops =/

    • Oh no, we're on the same wavelength now! If you stay on this wavelength, all future jokes might be ruined for you! AH!

  • Kintrex

    You know what they say about dogs and schooling. You can't teach a dog.

  • Sorry Justin, but I think the only awesome person around here is you. Lazy web consumers like me can only thank awesome creators like you for giving away your awesome work. I hope you keep doing this for a long time, although I understand that it must take an important amount of time, so congratulations for being able to maintain it even having a hard job.

    • Actually Wendell is pretty awesome too.

      • Icalasari

        But Wendell isn't people!

        Wendell is a life style

  • Sir Library Eater

    I didn't know this month and a half had been rough for you OR that you had a job outside of Webcomisia. I'm horribly sorry for both of those things. Your comics are really funny and I do, in fact, brag about your webcomic, in addition to LHT, most frequently.
    A salute to you, sir.
    (oh, and @javidcf is correct, Wendell's flippin cute)

    • I'm like Spiderman, but instead of coming home from my job and saving people, I draw comics =)

  • Void

    In the bonus panel, "Their" suppose to be "It's", no? The dog is single, not plural.

    • Void

      Before I facepalm myself to death : *its

    • andarb

      Yes, but for many it is common to use the plural when the gender of the person in question is indeterminate. And dogs are, of course, people.

      That doesn't make it correct, but grammar really is popular. By which I mean that it is based on how people use the language, and it changes over time, regardless of what your English teacher tells you.

      • Void

        It's a good thing I learnt English by myself, fuck me the school system is worthless. And btw, "people" is a group; which is single, not plural. Thus, the correct way to treat this is still in single form and not plural, even though it sounds like complete diarrhea.

        Not that I'll pretend that English has any form of consistency, this language like many others; is bullshit.

  • Aflomp

    I've gone through many comics these past few years, but your comics are the one I will always stick with and read:) you're the greatest and seem like a super nice guy!

    • That's awesome to hear, thank you! Glad to have you readin' =)

  • Bobby McBob

    I think I'll write about your stuff on my blog!

    • I would not be against that at all =)

      • Bobby McBob

        oh that's great I was not sure, I was just asking your permission =) lol
        by the way I like the way how you type your emoticons like this =) and not like this 🙂

  • Christine Barra

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