• The Bizzaro Invisible Bread universe, where every day isn't not Opposite Day.

  • Otto Bob Otto

    I think the convention is: any time you turn something "up" it does more of what it is supposed to do. Like in your refrigerator, you can set the temperature from 1-9 on the dial with no indication as to which end is "colder." In this case, the larger number means the fridge does more of what it is supposed to do, that is, be colder.

    • DKong27

      Tell that to my grandparents…They always say it so that "turning the AC up" means that the thermostat is at a higher temperature, and thus the AC is doing less work.

      I have to stop and think when they say it to figure out what they mean.

    • John

      Yeah i never got why they used a weird scale with no real units like that. They could use any sorted list, like the last 9 presidents, or the top 9 excuses my girlfriends have use to dump me.

      Can you turn the fridge down to Kennedy? And while you're at is set the AC to "I didn't have Hepatitis when I met you."

  • Well, at least he's accurate in the 4th panel, because he clearly has not got it.

  • Has anyone established what day Opposite Day actually is?

    And if you did, how would you tell anyone? If you said "Opposite Day is today," you'd obviously be doing it wrong, and if you said "Opposite Day isn't today," it still might or might not be Opposite Day.

  • Yikes! I'll stay in my room during opposite day also. 😀

  • I've been playing Rogue Legacy too – such a great game! Love the inheritance & unlocking systems.

    • I'm totally hooked. I'm sure I'll be playing it through again after I beat it.

  • Sir Library Eater

    So let's see…
    He said the temperature was going down because he turned the AC up, but it's opposite day, so he turned the AC down and the temperature went up, but because it's opposite day, when you turn down the AC, the temperature would go down too, so he turned up (down) the AC and the temperature went down (not up.)
    Am I overthinking this?

    • Bobby McBob


    • Here are some well-deserved internet points =)