On The Bus
  • Yikes! XD

  • User99

    Odd, I appear to have showered, too. And flossed.

  • minstorm340


  • Wendell

    The corgi pajamas are a great touch

    • Utuy

      Oops, I thought those were deer…

  • Those are some nice Wendell pajamas.

    • arghdos

      It's what all the cool kids are wearing

  • shout out received! keep killing it, Justin.

    • Thanks Jeff!

      • Jake (Jax

        this is one of the most confusing comics if read so far.

  • Perhaps they also called the police for you.

  • Kimberly

    Eee!!! Corgi pajamas!! I wonder if those actually exist in the world… ::ponder:: But there is a nyan corgi shirt out there!

  • Kintrex

    I want to mention their perpetually angry eyebrows but I also don't want to appear to be a bigot if that's some kind of medical condition.

  • BreadCrumbs

    To be honest I would be concerned if breakfast didn't come with bacon
    Cause if it did all will be forgiven
    Or a bad. attempt on my part
    I should stop typing oh no they'll think I'm weird =-O

  • g0vnah

    Also, this comic is the best thing since sliced bread.

    • Notebooked

      How would you know how to slice invisible bread?

      • g0vnah

        I… I uh…


  • Sir Library Eater

    The "bus pals" have angry eyebrows throughout the whole comic, and it's making me concerned for my safety.

  • What a … nice detail?, loved the realization when he sees the pijamas "all the lines"! haha

  • Alex

    Hey, you know what would be awesome in the store?

    Corgi pajamas.

  • He must be a deep sleeper. Bus pals are the greatest.

  • 0gres

    How could they have known his address? The only way would be if they looked in his wallet (maybe), thereby crossing one more line.

  • A person

    The extra panel: all the lines+1
    What's the extra panel, anyway?

    • Give the about page on this site a read. It has the answers.