His Kid
  • Batatatata

    I'm laughing so hard at the baby's face in the 3rd panel.

    • Pineappleturtle

      Lol yes.

  • Oraticus

    The cologne is a warning… it's a sensory cue to let you know you're about to encounter a bro, and possibly a bro's progeny. Evasive measures should immediately be taken, such as ducking into a Spencer's or a Barne's and Noble. Remeber, due to games such as the Madden series, EA Sports, or Halo, even a nerdvana hangout like Software Etc, Gamestop, or EB Games are no longer havens and safehouses for the non-bro kind.

    Learn the signs, and you will survive.

    • minstorm340

      I dont see the point of sports games. Now you can sit inside while playing football instead of shooting aliens.

  • g0vnah

    …aaaand that's gonna haunt my nightmares for weeks on end. 🙂

  • Bronzdragon

    Aww, shucks. Thanks for askin'. I'm doing quite well, all things considered. I'll try to make this year a good one. For you!

  • Morgan

    I want VOOP powers too!

  • Miles

    Back to uni. Busting my butt for the straight A grades to ensure Summa Cum Laude status and thus raise my chances of entering a good graduate program. Only this semester, I have foolied myself. I took two business classes (my minor, for the purpose of futureproofing myself), Chemistry, where English is the professor's third language, and one class about which I actually care.
    … Intro business courses seem to have quite a lot of work involved, and it takes all of my efforts to understand the Chem prof. On of my classmates thought I was going to murder in class yesterday based on facial cues. The level of frustration is tangible in that class.
    The straight A's may take quite a bit of effort this semester.

  • I loved the first half, but 'the guy gets weirded out' isnt much of a punchline

  • Bobby McBob

    HI Justin, do you have like a special tip or technique or something to draw your comics? Because the drawings look really clean, cool and nice-looking! My drawings look like a monkey drew them.

    • I use Manga Studio for all the lines and text, which makes everything look really nice and clean. I used to scan comics back in the early days of Left-Handed Toons, but have moved on since then.

      • Bobby McBob

        Cool thanks I really like your comics!

  • go green!

    i hear the infant ladies loooove that smell of cheerios. really gets them drooling

    anyway, heading off to Michigan state!

    • Good luck this year at college!

      Also, GO BLUE! Sorry, I had to =)

  • Sir Library Eater

    You should make a t-shirt with just the last three panels. It's so applicable to every situation in the history of ever.

  • Jill

    That baby is freaking adorable

  • Conan

    I sell bacon door to door. The babes love that smell.

    Not the infant ones.

  • Aspiring Comic

    Hi there Justin,

    I saw below that you responded to a comic asking you what you used to make your comics and you said Manga Studio. I was wondering how you actually make them, do you use a drawing tablet, sketch scan and then enhance, use a mouse. Please explain as thoroughly as possible as I don't really know where to start. I can't draw with a mouse if my life depended on it and I can't really afford a tablet.

    • Hey dude! Sorry to take so long to respond; have been really busy at work.

      I use a drawing tablet with Manga Studio. Manga Studio isn't free, but there are several free drawing programs out there, such as GIMP.

      Several really well-priced tablets have popped up recently and actually are pretty good! Here are all the different sizes: http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.a… I've been really tempted to get one for travel purposes =)

      So yeah man, go for it! Just start up a comic and have fun with it!

  • BreadCrumbs

    Anyone else notice the baby was duct taped or bungeed on?

    Yea just pointing that out

  • Robert

    Red shirt guy thinks it's awkward? He's the one who said the baby smelled nice in the first place.

  • Phoenix (no last name)

    Goddamn heterosexuals, pushing their sexuality on their children like that.